Friday, March 7, 2014


When we started Lamon Luther, our first goal was to help our friend TC who was living in the woods and had been for quite some time. After talking with TC we learned that he had a very interesting skill set accompanied by an even more interesting story.  Over the past two years TC’s story has evolved.  We wanted to share his amazing story with you.

“My names Rodger Curtis but I go by TC. Off and on I’ve been in and out of the woods for 15 years.”

“I used to build houses when I first started and I’ve done that for 27 years. When that fell off I went into warehouse work, and then I went into home remodeling, so I can basically do just about anything.”

“I was living in FL working with a home remodeler down there, and he got to where he wasn’t getting the work so I ended up walking, Plant City, FL back to Douglasville. Took me a month to get here. Plus I tried to come up this way to actually find my son, and I ain’t had no luck.”

We were inspired by TC’s story and his desire to better himself. We picked TC up for his first day of work on January 2nd 2012. He was the very first Lamon Luther employee. A year and a half later in the middle of 2013 things were looking better for TC. He had moved out of the woods and was working a consistent job, which he enjoyed. 

“What I like doing here at Lamon Luther is working with my hands to craft things that I never thought I would be able to do.”

“I try to do the very best I can to really show that old wood can be made to look new.” 
“I really enjoy seeing the smile on other peoples faces when they get a product that we put together and really crafted and put our hearts into.” 

Things were going a lot better for TC, however there was still one vice in his life that he could not beat. TC struggled with alcoholism. It was one of the things that had kept him in the woods for so long. We encouraged TC to go seek help that we knew we were not equipped to give him. He tried to go to rehab a few times before but it just didn’t work out. We then presented TC with a very difficult choice. We told him that we loved him and wanted nothing more than for him to continue working with us, but for that to happen he had to get better. We needed him to get help that we could not give him. TC agreed to go to The Potters House in conjunction with the Atlanta Mission.  We knew the journey would be difficult and it was hard to lose our first employee, but for TC to get better he needed this program.  TC is a survivor and we believed and stood by our brother.  

After months of recovery we are thrilled to announce that TC is sober and currently on track to complete his program in the next two months.  We we’re able to talk to him recently and we want to share some of his thoughts.

“Right now it feels good to be sober for 7 months.”

“I don’t have no urge of drinkin’ again, I just want to keep my mind clear where I can focus more on building the furniture. “

“Eventually I’m going to start looking for my son that I had left about 11 years ago and try to get back in his life since I’m sober, and be the father that I’m supposed to be.”

“Maybe one day I can open my own shop and go out and hire some homeless and teach them the same trade that’s been taught to me. Then maybe people will start recognizing the craftsmanship that a lot of us homeless have in woodworking.” 

For us seeing this happen reminds us of why we started Lamon Luther.  We were able to give TC a hand up instead of just a hand out. He is a different man because he chose to take action and fight for the man he knew he could be. We were there to love on him and encourage him along the way and we cannot wait to celebrate with him when he returns to the shop.  

And here is where you come in! 
TC loves receiving letters from us here at the shop. 
This month we are asking YOU to write TC a letter and send it in! 
We know TC would love it if you sent a letter to empower and encourage him 
on his road to recovery. If you would like to please mail them to: 

Lamon Luther
200 Old Liberty Road (Unit A)
Villa Rica, GA 30180

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